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Historic Amsterdam Olympic area subject of PK Award 2017

Netherlands’ based real estate investment management agency ‘Bouwinvest’ launched the PK Award 2017 on November 22 for the area surrounding the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic stadium. This award aims to give a boost to upcoming design talent, offering financial incentives and an opportunity of a major contract in redeveloping the Olympic area.

The subject of this second edition of the Award is the northern part of the ‘Olympic’ neighborhood in Amsterdam, an area full of history and with the potential to become a highly desirable urban area.

About the PK Award

The PK Award is aimed at talented, starting designers, in this case landscape designers. The winner of the award receives a sum of € 5000, – and earns a wildcard which means he or she may participate in the next contest for the completion of the public space in the Olympic neighborhood. The latter will be issued together with the municipality of Amsterdam.

And the nominees are ….

The contract consists of creating and presenting a vision and concept for the design of the public area between the developments ‘The Olympic 1931’, ‘The Olympic 1962’ and the Olympic Stadium. The participants were selected in collaboration with Amsterdam Centre for Architecture (Arcam) and Peak Development. The nominees, in no particular order, are:

Hannah Schubert
Jelmar Brouwer
Marit Noest